1. Why are prices so much cheaper at this online site than at your store or the regular web site?

A. This program has many benefits not only for the customer, but for us as well.  First of all, we buy "heavy" on a small, select group of products, thereby obtaining a better price which can be  passed on to the customer.  Secondly, most items have a "Light Assembly" required aspect.  When we take this small amount of labor out of our mission, it frees up staff members to produce even more volume, thereby enabling us to "recoup" on the back end. Third, we are able to save on customer service time, thereby passing that savings on to you also.

2. Why is there a minimum order?

A. This program is for "team orders".  However, even on small orders we have made it easier to make the minimum by adding other items to the existing order.  We just cannot produce economically with smaller order quantities. (Team order = 6 or more)

3. Why are prices and policies subject to change without notice?

A. This is a pilot program and many unknowns lie ahead. We simply have to make changes quickly when needed once we find that something does not work up to expectations. This is a two edged sword. One item has already been reduced even more since the program began on Tuesday.  Also, we subscribe to the concept of real-time pricing based on real-time demand. We believe this concept will eventually become a reality in the sports and awards industries. 

4. Why are you charging sales tax when we are buying over the internet?

A. Because the sale originates in Huntsville and terminates in Huntsville. Therefore, all local and state sales taxes are due. 

5. Why must all order be picked up at Rousseau's in Huntsville?  Do you plan to ship or deliver in the future?

A. To keep the program simple, we have elected not to ship and deliver at this time. However, we do plan to deliver and ship directly to the customer by Fall of 2003.  In that case, orders shipped out of state such as Park City or Fayetteville, Tennessee,  will not have to pay Alabama state and local sales taxes.  We suggest that everyone purchasing online be aware they may be liable for one or more state Sales & Use Taxes. 

6. How will delivery work?

A. We anticipate deliveries to specific ball parks in the Huntsville/North Alabama area at least two days per week in the fall. There will be a fee for delivery. Shipping will be done every day from the Huntsville facility; however, as stated earlier, initially we want to keep this program as simple as possible. UPS shipping will be billable to the customer.

7. Will there be more awards offered in the fall?

A. Yes. There will also be more complex awards offered, some with the opportunity for the customer to do even MORE light assembly, thereby saving more money.

8. Can I come into the store and place an order for products on this program?

A. Not for the same price. In store prices will be higher. This is an "internet only" program.  If you do not have internet service, we would suggest going to Kinko's (for a fee) or the public library for free internet access.

9. Are all products on this program discounted?

A. No. Some products have been added for customer service and customer popularity proposes. In these few cases prices will be the same as products sold in the store.

10. Do you plan to offer a similar plan to area schools?

A. Some thought has been put into this.  However, it will take more thought, research and evaluation of the existing program before we have a better idea.