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Instructions for light assembly:

Most of the light assembly is simply attaching the trophy plates and labels to the trophies and awards.

The plates simply attach by peeling the gold paper off the double backed tape on the pack and putting it on the trophy. Be careful to put plate on right side up, and centered. Also, be careful to put girl plates on girl trophies, and the same with boys on co-ed teams.

Attaching labels:

The labels are pressure sensitive. Just pull off the material, stick to bottom of award. Try not to cover hole on bottom of trophies the have a nut and screw in the bottom. 

(Note: it is important to attach the label for several reasons. )

  1.  It lets the recipient know where to go to should there be any problem.  
  2. We generally do not do support work with service charges to products that do not bear the Rousseau's label, unless otherwise it can be validated that the product did in fact originate from Rousseau's
  3. It lets your team members know where to purchase new and additional awards with great quality and value.

Attaching pictures to plaques. Peel paper off acrylic provided. Line picture up on plaque in desired position. Set acrylic sheep over picture. Take hammer and lightly tap tack into holes until picture is secure.