Last update Monday, October 16, 2000

Consulting services: Start your own awards/sports business and make great profits.

 If you are "new", or want to enter the awards/sports industries as a new business, 

we offer a consulting program tailored just for you. There are three plans to choose from starting at $200. email for more info. Packages include suggested suppliers, equipment, marketing/sales formulas, and more. 

Package # 1 - $150

Package # 2 - $300

Package # 3 -$800

Package # 4 -$1200

Online Awards Buying Group Dealer Info, 

If you wish to join our online buying group with selected vendors (this will be great for instant super specials, advance info on new product information, shipping coordination and much more.)
 email us at   and list this web site in the subject matter of your letter. Coming soon: a  form  that can be filled out online, almost instantly qualifing you to become a WholesaleAwards Dealer.

Dealers, once accepted, will automaticly qualify to join our virtual show/online buying group here:  
Details for buying group members. Print out and fax in below information.

PDF of Dealer Buying Group Information Sheet fill out and fax back to 256-837-2435

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