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1. Engraving:
A. Trophy plates engraved, (or lettered via sublimation, black, red, blue, or green print on gold or silver) with 2 lines of lettering totaling less than 40 letters
      Extra letters 
$.** each
B. Third line of engraving/printed lettering-(15 letters) $.**
C. Plate composition- all trophy plates are made of aluminum, for colored or gold brass, add $.**
D. Metals- 2" & 2.5", up to 3 lines, total of 30 letters, 
     Extra engraving 
$ **per letter
E. Application of plates to trophy bases $ ** each.
F. Engraving- Desk Sets 20 letters included, after that $ ** per letter
G. Plaques  4x6-9x12 40 Letters included. After that,
 $ **  per letter.
H.  Over $500 order, Extra engraving is ** % off. $ __% off
I. Submitting engraving data: Email or fax data with your order, specifying model number, number of lines, and the order of which they should be engraved. Ex. 
J. Fonts-SB, simple block is used in all caps on all trophy plates.  *
K. Plaques-Fonts-One special font on one line of text allowed, all of the rest of the lines done in plain block, upper and lower case lettering. *
2. Trophies
`Trophies are priced with standard figurine. Special figures allowable as an add on. No price difference interchanging standard figures - Soccer, Football Runner, Cheerleader, Baseball Batter/Softball (girl) Batter, Basketball Push Shot male & female, Victory figures - male and female.. (These are called "K" Figures by us here internally) Non standard figures run anywhere form $.**-$*.** and up. Usually about $.**-$*.** each more than standard.)
      Double action figures add $*.** per trophy. 
* *
3. Shipping and handling
Shipping - Via UPS pick up every day. Minimum charge for any package  $*.**
US Postal Service, Federal Express, DHL also available. *
4. Screen Printing/Team Items.
* *
5. Parts- Must be ordered in standard quantities. Ex. Most all figures come in either boxes of 100 or 50.

6. Payments
All orders will be paid in advance unless billed on terms. Dealers wishing net terms, send standard credit information via email. Duns #, listing with local BBB office a must for net billing. 
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 Assembly- Most trophies are shipped with the figure un attached for safe shipping purposes. Call of email us for prices on ordering un-assembled parts.

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